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Ranking with an option to not rank an item

Client would like a drag & drop ranking question where all items on the list are responded to. However, they would like the respondent to be able to indicate that they don't know enough about an item to rank it.

Is there a way to click on a ranking item and have it's transparency and value change?  For instance, set the opacity to 25% and value=99

Or any other suggestions on how to accomplish this?

asked Jul 11, 2017 by jas8278 Bronze (750 points)

1 Answer

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Out of the box, drag-and-drop ranking does not support having different respondents rank different numbers of items.  I do have some custom code that might be useful for your situation, however.

"Ranged Drag-and-Drop Ranking" allows respondents to rank different numbers of items.  You could use this to allow respondents to rank between 0 and N items, and then label the left container as "do not use product":


Alternatively, you could use "Categorization" to create a ranking question with three containers.  You could have an unranked container, a ranked container, and a do-not-know container, then require that every item be ranked in either of the two latter containers:

answered Jul 11, 2017 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (159,750 points)
Thank you Zachary!