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How to enable a keyboard for Ipads and Mobiles for freeformat question

Hi , i have few questions which comes under the activity like guessing the brandings.

We will show this question into free format type where respondents can answer only with the 3 keys in which one key meant for next question and rest 2 keys are meant for yes/no.

This is working fine in desktops as we are having keyboard with us.

I am wondering whether if can implement any virtual keyboard for IPADS and Mobiles in this case
asked Jul 4, 2017 by kanchan
edited Jul 6, 2017
I'm not certain what you mean.  Do you want the virtual keyboard to only allow three keys?
Hi Zachary , Exactly i am just looking to enable virtual keyboard for this question. As far we will get enabled keyboard for numeric /OE question but this question which i have designed is picture present and respondent should answer with 2 keys which meant one key for yes and other no and other key indicates "next" button

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