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HB individual partworth estimation and logit transformation for obtaining individual choice shares.


I am conducting a CBC analysis and want to estimate individual-level partworths through a HB routine. Then I want to transform the parthworts into choice shares using a logit transformation. Finally , the individual choice shares should be complemented with variables I collect on the individual level.

Now I am a bit confused how to do this. Should I make a HB or logit run,  in the analysis manager as a first step?. After that I have to choose the respective analysis run in the "utility sets" tab of the simulator and  use the simulation method "share of preferences". Am i correct?

I tried both types of analysis HB and logit but neither gave me individual choice shares in the simulator. What should I do?

Thanks a lot for your help!
asked Jul 3, 2017 by Colin (305 points)

1 Answer

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In the simulator, the option to include individual choice shares is located on the scenario settings ribbon next to the Home ribbon.

When using a set of Logit utilities individual results cannot be displayed because it is an aggregate set of utilities.
answered Jul 3, 2017 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (20,430 points)