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After uploading to SSI Web 8.0.2 I can't upload surveys


After uploading from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 I can not upload questionnaire to the server any more. I get the error message:
"Object not set to an instance of an object"
Is there any work around?

asked May 22, 2012 by anonymous
edited Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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First of all, I going to assume you mean upgraded from 8.0.0 to 8.0.2.  Secondly, to fix your problem, search your computer for the SSI_Data.settings file and rename the extension to .xml.  Then try to enter the upload dialog.  If it succeeds, then open the SSI_Data.xml file and you should be able to copy the settings back in.  Sounds like something in the conversion didn't go right.
answered May 22, 2012 by Mike Lodder Gold (22,975 points)