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How to create a partially constructed list?


This might be a rudimentary question for some, so hopefully someone will be able to help without too much trouble.

I want to create a partially constructed list. I've created an ACBC study which first begins with a sorting/ranking task of 16 attributes, a list is created from this task where I use the syntax

AIL (QXXX, 11)

Such that I only take 10 attributes into the BYO section of the ABCB (as this is the suggested rule of thumb or at least what has been successfully accomplished by the good folk at Sawtooth). However, I have realised that  if the respondent doesn't select price (which is improbable given the category, but never the less possible in the software)  the survey breaks down.

Being the whole point of the survey is to establish prices this is no good and I get an error message which I don't want anyone getting stuck on.

So what I really want to do is have the list start with 'price' selected automatically and have the other attributes included as a top 9 plus price.

I would then remove price from the sorting task and instruct respondents to order the factors other than price that motivate their choice decision.  

Does anyone know how I could go about this code wise?

Many thanks in advance,
asked Jun 5, 2017 by Jasha Bowe Bronze (1,725 points)
edited Jun 5, 2017 by Jasha Bowe

1 Answer

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Hi Jasha,

I understand from your question above that you wish to always add price in constructed list, even if they do not select the same.

For this, if your price position is 1 in list then write below in your constructed list code:

AIL (QXXX, 11)

THis will always add price in your list.

answered Jun 5, 2017 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (34,795 points)