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Keep getting error #129

When I want to upload my survey to our own server (with Filezilla) it looks like it's working (first page is shown). When clicking to the next page I get this error:

"Sawtooth Error # 129
Cannot find path file.

Please check the error log for details."

What could be wrong?
asked May 21, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

3 Answers

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In SSI Web v7 the Perl scripts look for the STUDYNAMEpath.cgi file.  If you are using the default setup then this file should be placed in your admin folder.  If you have the common cgi-bin setup then this file needs to be placed in the cgi-bin folder.  

Make sure that the name of your study has the same case as the study name that you are passing in.  For example "MyStudy" will not match "mystudy".  This is a common cause for this error.

Make sure you are following this documentation:


If you continue to have problems please contact Sawtooth Software.
answered May 21, 2012 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (8,200 points)
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is this the first time you are uploading a survey? the upload mode (binary vs text) does cause problems, as does incorrect file permissions.
answered May 21, 2012 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (17,010 points)
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Hi. I am seeing "Error #129..." quite regularly in the error logs of different surveys I am hosting. Most respondents seem to access and complete surveys without a problem, while others generate this error. I might get a handful of these errors each survey.

Does anyone know what the cause may be?

And if this error is in the log, does it necessarily mean the respondent has experienced a problem and been kicked out of the survey?

I am currently using version 8_2_4

Many thanks
answered Mar 25, 2014 by rapizel Bronze (1,420 points)