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freeformat question with graphical buttons is not laying out correctly

I'm using the following html in a free format question:
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,1)%]Advertising or Promotions Manager</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,2)%]Art Manager/Art Director</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,3)%]Creative Manager/Creative Director</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,4)%]Desktop Publisher</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,5)%]Graphic Designer/Illustrator</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,6)%]Photographer (Professional Photographer)</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,7)%]Print Production Worker/Manager/Director</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,8)%]Print Service Provider</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,9)%]Print or Publishing Editor</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,10)%]Publisher (Books, Magazines, Catalogs)</li>
<li class="clickable" onClick="clearother();">[%RadioSelect(Q4_a,15)%]Other Design not listed above (incl. artist, fashion/interior/commercial design, etc., please specify)<br><input type="text" size="30" name="Q4_other1" onKeyUp="SSI_SetSelect('Q4_a_15', true);document.mainform.Q4_other2.value='';document.mainform.Q4_other3.value='';document.mainform.Q4_other4.value='';document.mainform.Q4_other5.value=''"></li>

When the page is displayed, the radiobuttons are on 1 line and the answer option is on the next.

Anyone have any idea why? and how I can fix it?

asked May 19, 2017 by jas8278 Bronze (750 points)

1 Answer

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The radio buttons are set to block display by default, forcing the labels to appear on a separate line.  Try adding this CSS to the free format:

.clickable .radiobox {
    display: inline-block;
answered May 20, 2017 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (159,750 points)
Worked like a charm - thanks Zachary!
ooops - jumped the gun.

It displays great - but when you click on an option, it jumps to 2 lines again.
Whoops.  We need ".graphical_select" instead:

.clickable .graphical_select {
    display: inline-block;

Thank you so much.