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Suggested updates to text editor

I love the new text editor, but there are a couple of features I miss from the old one.  

1. I really miss word-wrapping.  It can be extremely hard to read paragraphs in the editor when you cut in paste and it all comes in on one very long line.

2.  I used to be able to highlight a phrase, then add all the styles I needed by clicking the buttons on the top.  Now, I have to highlight the phrase each time I apply a style.  For instance, if I want to apply bold and italics to a word, I now have to highlight it, click "B", re-highlight it, and click "I".

I know you guys must have an update list a mile long, but I hope you will consider adding these features back in.

Thanks for you time.
asked May 17, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams
Thank you.  We appreciate your feedback.

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I am a programmer here at Sawtooth and the word wrapping has already been implemented in the next version.  We are also considering your second suggestion as well.  Thank you for your excellent feedback.
answered May 18, 2012 by Jon Heaton Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (10,280 points)
been a while since I tested v8, do you have multi-line replace for SSIWeb text editor?
There isn't a "copy/paste multiple lines directly from the document" multi-line replace. But it does support regular expressions, so you do have the ability to do mult-line replace but you will have to type the expression in manually.