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Any updates to SSI Web Data Generator planned?

I've recently started using the Data Generator tool with SSI version 7 (probably v8 soon).  Wondering if there's any plans for future updates / enhancements?  It's a very useful tool so I really hope so.  However I think there has not been a new release since early 2010.

Something I'd really like to see is better handling of multiple response questions, namely in having valid randomized responses to questions with exclusive choices, and following limts on min/max number of answers.

Also, minor thing, but for some reason on my install the "Simultaneous Respondents" and "Drop Out Rate" text boxes are really tiny so you can 't see what's in them.
asked May 16, 2012 by anonymous

3 Answers

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No response in a month.  I can only assume it's an abandoned project.  Too bad, it could really be useful if it was updated a bit.  

There are certain parts of surveys, e.g. complex quotas and skips which are much easier to validate with bulk data testing, rather than manually trying to go through every path in the study.  C'mon guys, let's keep this project alive!
answered Jun 28, 2012 by anonymous
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I'm guessing we probably just didn't see this forum post.

I can't address your question directly, as I'm not involved in the development side of things.  The data generator started out as a side project by one of our developers, so it hasn't seen much work lately as most of our resources have been focused on version 8 of SSI Web.  I had thought I had seen him testing a new build of it that could launch multiple browsers to take the survey, but I'm not sure where he's at with it and he's on vacation for the next few days.

We understand the value of having a way to test your surveys, so I would not view this as an abandoned project.  From my understanding our end goal is to integrate the tool into SSI Web itself, though I don't know where that falls in the list of priorities.

One tool you might look into if you want very robust testing is a Firefox add-in called Selenium.  It allows you to create scripts to interact with websites automatically, either by recording your own input or modifying the scripts by hand.  I believe a few of our developers use it currently for testing SSI Web.
answered Jun 28, 2012 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (53,465 points)
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Sorry, I've been really busy lately and just got back from vacation.

If you want a feature, please email support@sawtoothsoftware.com, that way we can know how in demand a specific feature is.

I don't know when the Data Generator will make it into SSI Web, but by sending in a request this will help accelerate the demand which means its likelihood of being integrated will rise.
answered Jul 2, 2012 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,100 points)