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Is it possible to show static Levels in importance questions in ACA

We are having an ACA exercise with 30 attributes and 2-5 levels for each attribute.
For Importance question levels will be shown based on respondent rating in ACA rating question for that attribute. Is there a way to display extreme levels (suppose first and last) in importance question to all respondents irrespective of values in Rating question.

First, is there a technical feasibility of this approach in ACA? This can be done using normal grid with select question but if it can be in ACA exercise Analysis and Utilities can be calculated Using ACA / HB tool.

Thank you for your help in advance.
asked Apr 12, 2017 by Bharath Bronze (695 points)

1 Answer

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If for each attribute in the attribute entry grid you list the attribute levels in the order you pre-assume (of preference), by setting the A Priori order to "Best to Worst" or "Worst to Best", then the same preference order will be assumed for all respondents during the ACA interview and during ACA/HB analysis.  The same extreme levels will be shown for all respondents in the ACA Importance question.

You must be confident that each person truly believes that the levels you set A Priori are preferred in these levels.  The adaptive interview and the utility estimation will assume this.

When you set an attribute to have Global, pre-assumed, a priori order, then the ACARATINGS questions are skipped for this attribute.  The best and worst levels are moved forward to the ACAIMPORTANCE question.
answered Apr 12, 2017 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (189,440 points)