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Linking external data file with free-format screen

Hi, I am trying to use MenuBasedConjoint. But, I am in big troubles, because I am kind of novice in programming.
What I have done till now are:
First, I defined a conjoint task of 10 attributes with 5 levels respectively.
Second, by using conjoint module I created and exported an experimental design table for 100 respondents with 20 tasks (# of versions: 2000). I used the option of 'balanced overlap'.
Third, by using free-format questionnaire I composed a conjoint screen with HTML and Javascript where 20 attributes are inserted as variables.
And then, I stop at this point, because I don not know how I could import the experimental design table and link it with attribute variables. I mean how I could import the external data file in HTML to link it with variables in HTML.
Please help me. Thanks very much in advance.
asked Apr 4, 2017 by wshan (160 points)

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