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How to correctly insert a segmentation variable from CCEA into SMRT?

Hello Sawtooth-Community,

I tried to insert a Segmentation variable into the SMRT. Although the auto segments have been correctly created, I receive the following error message when selecting my first segment C1:

Respondent Filter
The following C1_xxx_AutoSeg category does not evaluate to a valid expression:

Category: Unknown
Selection Criteria: C1_xxx = 1
Error Description: A variable has been requested that is out of range. A merged variable was requested that does not exist. Remove or repeat Merge and try again.
Location in Expression: 15

Unless otherwise noted, you may need to redefine the category by selecting "Custom Segments" from the Analysis menu.

I never ran in this issue before, so I would very much appreciate your help and your feedback.

My segmentation file (.csv) looks as follows:

Resp [Column 1] C1 [Column 2] C2 [Column 3] C3 [Column4]...

Thank you very much,

asked Mar 2, 2017 by Ralph
retagged Mar 3, 2017
Can you clarify your question?  You refer to CCEA but your question seems to involve the SMRT software.
Thanks for your comment Mr. Williams - you are absolutely correct.

The correct question should be: How to correctly insert a segmentation variable from CCEA into SMRT?

I am very sorry for the confusion.

1 Answer

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The quickest way to get you an answer would be for you to send me your SMRT project files and the CCEA file you are trying to import.  I can then see what the specific problem is.  You can send them to walt@sawtoothsoftware.com.
answered Mar 3, 2017 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (22,705 points)