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Multiple buckets question type?

Not sure this is possible (in a simple manner anyway)?

I have 7 items in a list. I would like to dump ...

*One item in bucket 1 (ideal) - one response required.
*Multiple items in bucket 2 (fine) - may have multiple responses or none.
*Multiple items in bucket 3 (unacceptable) - may have multiple responses or none.

All 7 items must be allocated to any of the 3 categories - ideal / fine / unacceptable.

It may look like a drag and drop question?

I'm also considering a grid look too (single response for "ideal" and multiple response for "fine" and "unacceptable". As an item is selected, it is greyed out for the other categories / columns.
asked Feb 13, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
As it so happens, I have a drag-and-drop "Categorization" question in my library for 9.3.0.  It does have built-in support for requiring items be categorized and setting a minimum and maximum number of items for each category.
Thanks Zachary. Is this something we will see in v9.3.0 then? Is there an estimated date this version will be released?

I will be in touch with my client to discuss exactly what they are after. I'm in the early stages of this project and they have been throwing a few ideas up in the air.
It's not built into the software, but 9.3.0 makes it easier than ever to share custom questions like this.  It should be out in the near future.
Thanks mate. Sounds good.
Thanks Zachary. You delivered as usual. I will test this question later today and report back to you if I have any issues.

I downloaded v9.3.0 this morning and checked out the library features.

Nice work from the Sawtooth Software team. Well done.

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