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Incompletes report

Using v9.2.0.

I noticed within the admin module the incompletes report displays a % based on the total number of surveys (completes + incompletes + disqualifieds).

I thought it would be more relevant to display the % based on the total number of incompletes? In dealing with multiple clients, we were asking what % of incompletes were suspended at Q10 for example. We had to re-base the %'s manually.

I'm happy to see both %'s actually but find more value in the base being the incompletes base.

Is it also possible to present the %'s to 1 decimal place.

Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.
asked Jan 31, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
If you would like, I could modify this code to make your two changes:


If you need something beyond a one-time console fix, I'd have to modify a .pl file.
Thanks Zachary for your prompt reply.

Apologies as I had forgotten I had raised this earlier.

The best solution is to incorporate the features into the software. I'm sure this is not the highest development necessary. It's more of a cosmetic improvement. Just the same, if it is easy to do and can go into a near future version, that would be super.

I'd rather not change .pl files. I recall the solution you provided where you run the JavaScript also. I will use this from time to time but as I mentioned earlier, the sweetest solution is to include it in the software.

I think it makes more sense to base the %'s on the incompletes base myself. Not sure how other users use the incompletes report? I know my experience and some of my clients all find it more useful with the incompletes base.

Thanks for popping it onto the development wish list.

As always Mr Anderson, greatly appreciated.

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