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Custom verification freezing in IE

I've got a survey page with two questions.  One is numeric asking for a dollar amount, and the other is a check box select with one response choice - Don't know.  (Client want it that way.)

I've got the following code in the Custom Verification area:

if (SSI_GetValue("Q10") > 0 && SSI_GetValue("Q10DK_1") == 1)
strErrorMessage = "Please either enter a dollar amount or check 'Don't Know', but not both.";
if (SSI_GetValue("Q10") == 0 && SSI_GetValue("Q10DK_1") == 0)
strErrorMessage = "Please either enter a dollar amount or check 'Don't Know'.";

 It works exactly as you would expect in Firefox and Chrome, but in IE it won't let you advance to the next question regardless of how you answer the two parts.  Any thoughts?
asked Apr 19, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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If you are in SSI Web 8 then this is an unfortunate bug that will be fixed in release 8.0.2. The bug causes SSI_GetValue() to not work in Internet Explorer. However, you can find a workaround in this post here: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/forum/979/problem-with-js-validation-with-ie9#a1073
answered Apr 19, 2012 by Jeff Forkner Bronze (2,875 points)