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Setting none value for CVA

We conducted a single profile, 5-point scale CVA and are now working within our simulator.  We are calibrating the none option based on stated share of patients that would prescribe this drug - outside the conjoint.  Stated share is 20% - which means, using partial vote, we would have to set the none value at 9.   9 is obviously way above the 1-5 scale but the math makes sense given the partial vote calculation if we need to get it down to 20%.  Maybe going back to whole vote makes more sense for CVA to allow for the appropriate sensitivity when a 1-5 scale represents the range?  From a rating perspective, there is a huge difference between say a 1 and a 4 yet it would still give the 1 a 20% chance of being chosen.

Thoughts on what people tend to do and if there's a 'more correct' way?
asked Aug 22, 2016 by stevetlg.com (480 points)
edited Aug 30, 2016 by stevetlg.com

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