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Using ACA in SMART

I finished setting up a practice ACA study using the manual as a guide, but when I want to run the questionnaire using "Test" or  "R", and click on OK in the box that pops up in the middle of the screen, nothing happens.  It will not run the questionnare.  This is using ACA SMRT, not the ACA section that is part of the SSI-Web module. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?
asked Aug 18, 2016 by Tom
Tom, if you press and hold the Alt key then press the Tab key, does SmartQue show in the list of running programs? Are you hooked up to two monitors (either now or recently)?

I attempted to run the questionnaire again. When it failed to run, I held down the ALT key and pressed Tab and in the center of the screen it showed two small squares, one showing the sawtooth page and the other the screen saver, but that was it.

Not sure where SmartQue was supposed to show, but there was no list or any sign that anything is happening.

On p.4-32 of the manual, it says: "...choose Compose / Run Questionnaire." You are suppose to be aable to click on "Ok" in the small box that appears and  "...your questionnaire will run." but nothing runs. Strange situation, it is as if I failed to give it some other instruction, but have finished everything spelled out in the manual. Have never had this happen before aftre years of using ACA.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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