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Direct access to admin module

Hi, is there any possibility to enable direct access to the admin module as you can directly access surveys through the hyperlink with passwords?
I want to offer customers that are already logged in and identified on my website a direct access to their survey admin section (read only modus) without having to log in a second time.
Many thanks for your hints, Thomas
asked Mar 22, 2012 by thagel (255 points)

2 Answers

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According to the Sawtooth HELP, you need to enter a username and password to gain access to a read-modify or read-only admin module.

See extract from Sawtooth HELP ...

Administrative Module Access

Survey administrators log into the Online Administrative Module using a browser (the login page is studynameadmin.html on the web server) to manage studies in the field and download data. A User Name and Password are required to access the Administrative Module.

This area is used to specify the passwords you use to access the Admin Module. Default user names and random passwords are provided for your convenience (new random passwords are created for each new study), but you can change these if you like.

User Name  
Lets you provide a name with up to 12 characters.  

Read-Only Password  
Lets you provide a password with up to 12 characters (passwords are case-sensitive and can only use numbers or letters). Read-only passwords convey limited administrative rights (e.g. you cannot download the data, delete or accumulate disqualified/incomplete data, edit the passwords file, or reset the survey.)  
Read-Modify Password  
Lets you provide a password with up to 12 characters (passwords are case-sensitive and can only use numbers or letters). Read-modify passwords convey full administrative rights.  
We encourage you to use strong passwords that include a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters, and are at least eight characters long.

I understand Sawtooth v8 has features that enable you to define your own admin module options which is handy. Check out Sawtooth v8 help.

Maybe you could include a page at the end of the survey that displays an admin module link / pop-up and the username and password. The respondent could click on the link and enter the username and password? Or maybe some fancy JavaScript can automatically do it but JavaScript is not my strength. At least this option provides the respondent with a choice - view or don't view.

You also have the option of terminating the survey at the end and linking to the admin module directly. You still need to enter the username and password however.
answered Mar 22, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
Paul, I think the question refers to the following case:
you have a website for your clients, they have their own user/pass'es for the corporate access... Once they logged in to this website of yours, you want to create links that guide them (by autologging them) to the admin modules of their surveys. You already know they are authenticated, why ask for admin user/pass into the the survey again...
Thanks Bahadir. I did misunderstand the "own" username/password part of the problem.

I believe the admin module does need them to be re-entered (according to the help too). I can understand you only want to do this once which makes perfect sense.

Can Sawtooth please conifrm?
Bahadir was right with his interpretation of my question. I think there should be a way to do this as this is exactly what happens when I click on "Field" --> "Admin Module" in SSI 8.
This way, I also enter the admin module without reentering user/admin.
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If you use the Test -> Admin Module option in SSI Web you'll get your Study Summary page.  If you look at your URL, you'll see you'll be at the admin.exe file, and then the URL will have ?s= with a big long string of characters.  It's kind of like an encrypted string for your login information, so you could copy and paste that and it should work as a one-click link into the admin module.

Oops just a quick edit.  Locally you have admin.exe, but up on your server you'll have admin.pl.  The s= part should be the same, though, as long as you haven't changed the username and password between your uploaded files and local files.
answered Mar 22, 2012 by anonymous