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Disable browser button not working

I am working with CiW version 7.  There are two things I am trying to do.
  1) I want to keep people from being able to go back to a previous question.  
  2) I want to hide the browser tool bar.

Under the Survey Settings, in the General Settings area, I have the “Disable Browser Back Button” box checked.  This is not working with IE9 or IE8.  I have JavaScript enabled on IE9 and IE8.

My next choice was to select the “Use Simple Browser to Run Survey”.  This works, however, if the user minimizes the browser window or goes back to the window that says “Clicking on the ‘Next’ button below…” they can start another survey.  This is not what I want.

I have a user ID and password so each user can only take one survey.  Even with the ID and password, the user can start a second survey.  

Any ideas how I can get the browser back button to be disabled?  Or can I run a JavaScript code after the “Clicking on the ‘Next’ button below…” is clicked that will close that window?  That way the user can’t start a second survey.
asked Mar 21, 2012 by Greg Bronze (890 points)
are you sure you have 1 as "number of allowed questionnaires per respondent" in questionnaire access and passwords?
I have 1 in the column labled "Max Responents" in the Password Data.  Is there another place I need to set this value?
Then the link actually does not open a SECOND survey, it just opens the same... If you'd go a few screens in the first window and then click to launch the second survey; it should continue from where the first left off.
Yes, you are correct.  I see what is going on now.  It is not staring a second survey, but starts me within the same survey at the place I minimized the windowed. This creates a new problem.  So, I start the survey, enter ID, password.  Click the ‘next’ which opens a new browser window.  I answer Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and then I minimize the window, click on ‘Next’, which opens a new browser at Q4.  But this is the second browser window.  If I answer Q5, Q6, Q7 then close the window.  I still have the other window at Q4.  If I click next, it then shows me Q5 and how I answered it.  Which okay I guess, but could get confusing when taking the survey.  Any ideas how I can stop it from opening the second browser window?

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Best I can is to put
<script type="text/javascript">

in the second question's (immediately after the first page break) header...  It shows a popup confirmation, perhaps it may be circumvented as well.
answered Mar 21, 2012 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,980 points)
I think I can make this work for us.  A staff member will be starting the survey for the user and we can train the staff members to click yes on the confirmation page.  The side effect is the survey window is minimized too but I can work around that.  Thanks!
you're welcome, I'm glad it works...